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5000 Door Series


The 5000 Series Aluminum thermally broken stacking door system provides a unique three track frame system to allow dual operation. This design allows for maximum openings, with (2) panels that slide to one end adjacent to the fixed panel. This door is offered in a 3 panel configuration of 12ft, or the expanded 6 panel bi-parting configuration up to 24ft wide. The frame system is supplied with a dual polyurethane thermal break system which reduces condensation build up, and the glass panels are infused with a single polyurethane thermal break. The aluminum is offered in a baked enamel finish, or any anodizing option in a one color system. Each operable panel is supplied with dual tandem metal ball bearing rollers to provide ease of operation for many trouble free years. An independent screen system is available as an option, the slide clear screen retracts when not in use, allowing for enjoyment of a full view.

5000 Door Series

Standard Features

  • A unique thermal break system resulting in
    reduced heat transfer and incidence of
    condensation at high humidity levels.
  • High strength 6063-T6 aluminum prevents
    warping, twisting, and bowing.
  • Engineered sill design sloped to ease water
    run off.
  • Full perimeter double weather-strip reduces
    water and air infiltration.
  • Two tandem Rollers will provide years of quiet
    and smooth operation.
  • Standard powder coated durable handles, with
    surface mount locking system.
  • Glass is fully tempered and 1-1/8” sealed unit
    with optional Low Emissivity Coated glass, Warm
    Edge Spacer, and Argon Gas.

Additional Options

1. The 5000 series heavy duty design system allows for additional interlock
reinforcements to meet higher wind loads
2. Optional Slide Clear Screen is available (White and Black only)
3. Locks can be supplied with a key cylinder
4. Custom sizes available

Available Downloads

5000 Door Series Cross Section

5000 Door Series Cross Section

Locks & Handles

  • Black

  • White Handle (5000)

Glass & Grills

  • Clear Glass

  • Bronze Tint

  • Grey Tint

  • V-Groove

  • 3×5 Grills

  • Prairie Grills

Security Options

  • Foot Lock

  • Door Guardian Lock

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